– I’d LOVE to – Become a Geisha

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Become Geisha for the Day in Japan. . .


“Kyoto’s maiko houses are traditionally where young Japanese girls learn the 300-year-old art of being a geisha. Now the houses are open to tourists – for around 9,000 yen (£50), you can become geisha for a day: the process takes five hours.”

Carolyn Boyd from the DailyMail talks about her experience of being a Geisha for the day:

“First I was taken to a small changing room to don a pink cotton robe before going upstairs to try a colourful silk robe.

Next, the make-up, which took about an hour – kneeling down, hair scrunched into a hairnet, white make-up was brushed on to my face, neck and back. My lips were turned into a red bow.

In another room, I was hauled into an under-robe with a series of ties and ribbons before stepping into a huge kimono.

The wide obi belt with traditional folds was pulled so tight I could only take shallow breaths.

A hard hairpiece was then balanced on my head before I put on geta clogs and posed for a snap.”  (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/holidaytypeshub/article-590031/Become-geisha-day.html)

Who wants to see me transform into a Geisha?